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What I’ve done with my life so far

I’m a designer & blogger at Datawrapper, a charting tool based in Berlin. I work four days a week, writing longer & shorter pieces for the Datawrapper blog, making sure people out there know that our app exists, and discussing UI design with my co-workers. Before joining Datawrapper in 2017, I created data visualizations for newsrooms like Bloomberg, Tagesspiegel, SPIEGEL, NPR (as part of a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellowship) and ZEIT Online. In 2014, I graduated with a Master’s degree in visual communication after six years of studying in Weimar, Toronto and Oxford.

I care about the data vis community. In 2015, I took over the Data Vis Meetup Berlin. These days, my co-host Jonas Parnow and I organize it now and then (rather then than now). Also in 2015, I tried my hands at teaching data vis at several universities in Germany and gave my first “proper” conference talk. In 2018 and as part of my job at Datawrapper, I started organizing the Data Vis Book Club. It’s a global & digital book club that focuses on Data Vis books from authors like Cairo, Tufte, Munzner and Cole-Nussbaumer. Have a look at the books we’ve read so far, and join us!

Get in touch

The best address for inquries. I might not respond quickly, but I will respond eventually.

@lisacmuth on Twitter

If you have just a quick note or questions and want to shorten the wire, write me a Direct Message on Twitter. You can do so even if you I don’t follow you.

→ Lunch

(paused for pandemic reasons) If you live in Berlin or are in town for a visit, let’s do lunch! Datawrapper is based in Prenzlauer Berg (Helmholtzplatz) with lots of lunch options around. I’m happy to chat over some good food.

Nice things others have said about my work

"Sifting quickly through @infobeautyaward's shortlist: the highlight of the year for me is hands down the @Datawrapper's blog and Lisa's awesome writings."

Enrico Bertini, 2018

"Everyone doing dataviz should be reading this blog."

Kim Rees, 2018

"I swear, Lisa is doing the most clear and accessible writing about data vis principles today."

Scott Murray, 2018

"Very few are writing as consistently, authoritatively and thoughtfully about what makes good data-viz as Lisa is on the Datawrapper Blog."

Julia Wolfe, 2018

"One of the most interesting writers about data vis is Lisa Rost. I've always thought she's an extremely thoughtful observer of the field. [...] She asks the question 'Why'. 'Why' in a practical, in a human sense."

Andy Kirk, 2017