Hi! My name is Lisa profile pic Lisa.
I create, talk & write about data vis, currently for Datawrapper in Berlin. Here I show what I've worked on in the past few years.

Selected Articles

"To understand something, write about it," they say. I'm curious. So I started writing: first on my personal blog, mostly about data vis when I got into the field around 2014. There was so much to learn! Since November 2017, I get paid by Datawrapper to do just that: Figuring things out, and taking you all on a tour with me. These are my best articles from both eras:

Selected Talks

Talks let me combine images (slides) and text (my speech) in a more tension-building, direct way than blog posts. I taught data vis at different universites and have given general data vis workshops over the years – but here you can find the talks I used as an excuse to research a completely new question:

Selected Projects

Before delving into data vis, I studied print design for six years. These are some of older student works (still data vis related-ish), and newer ones I've created for newsrooms or my blog. You can also find some charts I've created during my time at Datawrapper:

About me

Lisa Charlotte Muth is a Berlin-based writer for the data visualization tool Datawrapper. Before that, she studied graphic design for six years and created data visualizations for newsrooms like Tagesspiegel, Bloomberg, SPIEGEL, ZEIT Online, and NPR as an OpenNews Fellow. She co-hosted the Berlin Data Vis meetup, started the global, digital Data Vis Book Club, writes a handbook, and tries to live a good life.