Talks let me combine images (slides) and text (my speech) in a more tension-building, direct way than blog posts. I've given some general data vis workshops and talks, but here I show the talks I used as an excuse to research a completely new question:

What to consider when considering data vis rules

Complexity for the experts, simplicity for everyone else?

Data Vis Tools, Revisited

Die spannendsten Kontroversen rund um Daten-Grafiken in den News

Why We Don't Believe In Facts, And How To Fix That

Why do we visualize data?

A Data Point Walks Into a Bar

Map Poetry

Making Election Maps Popular Again

Github Tutorial

Less News, More Context

Why What How

New York in Fiction, New York for Real

The Magazine Design Project


If you'd like to watch me talk, you can choose between recordings from CCC 2016, Republica 2017, OpenVisConf 2017 (all in English) and Netzwerk Recherche 2018 (in German).

Nice things others have said about my talks

"You made me think so hard about how I want to structure my upcoming dataviz, thank you for that beautiful talk."

Shirley Wu about A Data Point Walks Into a Bar"

"Your talk from #rp17 is the one that stuck with me longest. Really enjoyed it and keep returning to it."

Karen Melchior about "Why We Don't Believe In Facts, And How To Fix That"

"This was my favorite talk of the conference. ... It's an important ethical question that isn't discussed enough, and Lisa makes some good points while keeping the talk light."

Robert Kosara about "Less News, More Context"