I’ve started learning how to code many times over again. It began with HTML and CSS when I was 14. Then Delphi in high school. Processing, Javascript & jQuery in university. R on Code School, Python on Codecademy and d3.js with Scott Murray’s famous book, when I got more into data visualization. I’m still not done: More Javascript, more R, more Python are waiting for me.

Two weeks ago I started to learn C, as part of the CS50 MOOC I’m taking with some of my fellow OpenNews fellows. And I got reminded of so many feelings I had during all the other code learning experiences before.

I packed all these steps and feelings the one long GIF you can find at the top – and in a more static comic that one can find below. You might need to zoom in a bit to be able to read it. The uncanny resemblance to the Gartner Hype Cycle that some people will notice is no coincidence. Also, in case it’s not clear: These black shapy things are programming concepts.

Let me know what you think: Have you had similar or other feelings? Am I missing something essential? Write me on Twitter (@lisacrost) or via email.

image image image image image image image image image

And here are all the feelings from the GIF up there:


And for everybody who doesn’t know how to code yet and is super afraid of it: There are great tutorials these days. They all start incredible easy. And you can always just stop right after the “Unjustified Pride” step.