There are two things I appreciate in life (ok, there are more, but these two are big ones): lists and tables. There were moments when I thought lists are enough – especially the ones with infinite hierarchy like the amazing WorkFlowy. And then I realised: They are not.

Because lists lack one big problem: they miss automatic sorting. You know, this awe you have when you click on a column header and suddenly, everything is where it's supposed to be. I like that.

But did I mention that I also like lists? Especially todo lists, actually; resulting from my big drive for overview and control. The big problem with todo list apps? Everybody wants an individual solution, so nobody is 100% satisfied with what's on the market. At least I am not.

So I was somehow surprised how much I like the Super Simple Tasks app I found today. The reasons?

  • It looks good. Or, let's say: It fits my opinion of what I think looks good. A lot of white space. Simple. Beautiful. Not 100% my taste, but close. 
  • You don't need to click buttons to enter more than one todo.
  • Good thing: When you add a task, it gets automatically sorted in two categories: How urgent is this task? And how important is this task? People who know stuff will remind that of the Eisenhower Matrix
  • You change the option in the categories with clicking on it. That's actually the part I enjoy most: No dropdown menus. No sidebar with options. Todos are simple and you should treat them as such. 

I saw this and thought: "Wow, that's the perfect todo list." And then I thought: "Wait, no, it's not": You can't sort todos (although that's something the creator has on his todo list).

todo list todo list

And I really want to add the time it takes me to complete a task. This has three reasons: a) It creates a "Well, that's doable"-feeling to see that it takes only 10 min to do something. b) You feel like Superman when it takes you less time to do something than you thought it would. c) I prefer to have as little todos on my list as possible, so even if a task is not soooo urgent/important I'd rather complete it (when it takes only 10 min or so) than to get reminded every time I look on this list.

So I included both functions in a new design for a todo list. Which is great: Super Simple Tasks helped me to find out what's important for me in a todo list (app). 

Nevertheless, I'm very much looking forward to the sorting feature in Super Simple Tasks. The world will get a little bit more perfect then.