This weekend I discovered that “autumn” in Lisbon basically means lots of rain. Lots. Like…a lot. Which is good, because instead of walking around and enjoying the city, I transferred my blog from Tumblr to Jekyll/GitHub.

I started my blog The Magazine Design Project last January in January 2014, and it happened to be my steady companion in the process of writing my Master’s Thesis. I wrote almost daily, posting more than 100 articles in four months.

But The Magazine Design Project came to an end this June – and although I kept posting on this Tumblr, the new content didn’t feel so much at home. So I built a new home for my sketchy ideas in the last 36 hours.

For that, I used the possibility to host websites on GitHub, the site generator Jekyll and the Jekyll-template “Hyde”. The hardest part was to understand GitHub – Jekyll is supersimple: You just install it, fork a template and type jekyll serve in your Terminal to preview it. That’s it. Blog posts get written in your favourite Markdown editor (currently I’m using Sublime 2) and uploaded via GitHub to your repository. Meaning, you can find the whole blogs of people on GitHub, mine for example.

I like the simplicity. I like that I have the overview over what I can change (including the simple CSS). Let’s see for how long Jekyll and I will be friends. For now, I will discontinue posting on Tumblr. This is the first post of a new mini-era.