2020 was full of corona charts. On March 6, I published the article “17 (or so) responsible live visualizations about the coronavirus, for you to use” and spent a lot of time maintaining it. It still updates now, in September 2021, while I’m writing these words.

Besides charts showing Covid-19 cases, 2020 was the year of tooltips for me. I created different kinds of charts in Datawrapper map tooltips with HTML and CSS:

screenshots of four maps showing tooltips wih bar and column charts

You can see these tooltips in action in some of the maps below. Try to hover over them.

So here are some of the best Datawrapper charts from 2020. I apologize in advance for the long loading time…these embedded iframes need some time to express themselves.

Datawrapper website
Datawrapper Blog (incl. Weekly Charts)

From our feature announcement “Create better, more responsive text annotations (yes, also on maps)”. Read it here.

From my blog post “How to visualize polls & results of the U.S. elections with Datawrapper”. Read it here.

From my Weekly Chart “Women graduate, men are in power”. Read it here.

From my Weekly Chart “How I brought column charts into map tooltips”. Read it here.

From our feature announcement “New in locator maps: Add regions as area markers”. Read it here.

From my Weekly Chart “Why the UK has the better system for public holidays”. Read it here.

From my Weekly Chart “#FlattenTheCurve, but by how much?”. Read it here.